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Shawn Younessi

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About Shawn Younessi

Shawn Younessi is a dedicated Doctor from West Hollywood, CA. As a child, Shawn was not certain that he wanted to enter the medical field. However, as his grandfather got older and required frequent treatment for heart attacks and strokes, Shawn gained first-hand exposure to the medical world. After seeing what a difference the doctors, nurses, and physical therapists had on his grandfather’s life, he knew that he had to help others in much the same way.

Luckily for Shawn Younessi, science had been the subject he excelled in during his school years. Upon applying for college, Shawn decided to attend the University of California, Los Angeles, where he graduated with a B.S. in Psychobiology. He then attended Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine in Chicago, where he graduated with two Masters degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Health Administration, as well as his M.D. He then moved back to California to complete his Internal Medicine Residency with Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance.

Shawn’s medical education left a profound impact on his life. He gained a heightened respect for all of those in the medical field after experiencing the 12+ hour study days in medical school and over 24-hour shifts during his residency. Shawn realized the lengths that doctors go to in order to help others, and he was inspired to do the same. Now, he makes sure to regularly brush up on various conditions, including mental illnesses, in order to provide the most current and effective treatments to each of his patients.

Another key aspect of Shawn Younessi’s role that he focuses on daily is his bedside manner. Shawn knows that patients are more likely to open up about their condition if they feel comforted by their doctor. Active listening is a major component of good care, and it is one component that Shawn practices daily. In addition, he frequently reads books and articles on ways to improve himself both professionally and personally, with the intention of providing an excellent experience for his patients.

Although Shawn Younessi aims to go above and beyond for his patients each day, he knows he cannot do this without first taking care of himself. Shawn tries to incorporate positive habits into his daily routine, including working out regularly and eating a nutritious diet. By doing this, he is able to maintain the necessary energy to treat his patients effectively, all while modeling good behaviors for them to follow.

Education and Certifications

Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science


2013 – 2017

Harbor UCLA Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency

2017 – 2020

California State

Medical License

2018 – Present

American Board of Internal Medicine


2018 – Present

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